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H.M.S. Pinafore
Page numbers from the Cramer Edition
When I was a lad, verses 1,3 and 6 (Act 1 No.9)  p43 - 48
Fair moon, to thee I sing (Act 2 No.13) p88-90
A maiden fair to see (Ballad) (Act 1 No.3) p18-20
Kind Captain, verses 1 and 3 (Act 2 No.17) p108-112
He is an Englishman and (Act 2 No. 18) p121-123 and
A British Tar v1 (Act 1 No. 10) p50-52 
A British Tar v1 (Act 1 No. 10) p50-52
The hours creep on a pace (Act 2 No.15) p97-102
Hail, men-o'-wars men (Act 1 No. 2) p12 - 14
And we are his sisters (Act 1 No. 8) p39-42 and
Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen (Act 1 Finale) p65-66

Trial by Jury
Page numbers from the Chappell Edition
Learned Judge
The Plaintiff
The Defendant
The Counsel for the Plaintiff 
The Usher
The Foreman
When I, good friends v1 and 5 (No. 4) p21-24
O'er the season vernal (No. 6) p30-31
But joy incessant palls the sense v2 (No. 2) p12-14
May it please you, my Lud (No. 8) p34-37

Now, Jury Men, hear my advice (No. 1) p6-8
If faint you're feeling/ Just like a father (No. 9) p39-40
Good Luck to Everyone Auditioning Tonight

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