Audition requirements

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H.M.S. Pinafore
Page numbers from the Cramer Edition
When I was a lad, verses 1,3 and 6 (Act 1 No.9)  p43 - 48
Fair moon, to thee I sing (Act 2 No.13) p88-90
A maiden fair to see (Ballad) (Act 1 No.3) p18-20
Kind Captain, verses 1 and 3 (Act 2 No.17) p108-112
He is an Englishman and (Act 2 No. 18) p121-123 and
A British Tar v1 (Act 1 No. 10) p50-52 
A British Tar v1 (Act 1 No. 10) p50-52
The hours creep on a pace (Act 2 No.15) p97-102
Hail, men-o'-wars men (Act 1 No. 2) p12 - 14
And we are his sisters (Act 1 No. 8) p39-42 and
Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen (Act 1 Finale) p65-66

Trial by Jury
Page numbers from the Chappell Edition
Learned Judge
The Plaintiff
The Defendant
The Counsel for the Plaintiff 
The Usher
The Foreman
When I, good friends v1 and 5 (No. 4) p21-24
O'er the season vernal (No. 6) p30-31
But joy incessant palls the sense v2 (No. 2) p12-14
May it please you, my Lud (No. 8) p34-37

Now, Jury Men, hear my advice (No. 1) p6-8
If faint you're feeling/ Just like a father (No. 9) p39-40
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Important Information 
To ensure absolute fairness, all principal auditions will be completed in front of an audition panel consisting of the Director, Musical Director and three independent members, this year all three are ex-group members.

Auditions are open to anyone who meets the qualifying criteria, however, in the event two auditionees are of the same standard, priority will always be given to the person who was in the previous production.
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