The Mikado
Principal Auditions

 Additional Principal Auditions to find a 


will take place as required before or after a rehearsal.

 Rehearsals run from 7.30pm - 9.30pm 


Boothville Community Hall 

3 Booth Lane North, Northampton NN3 6JE

To register your interest in auditioning for a principal role please complete the application form here

Audition Requirements

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Important Information*

  • If you would like to audition for a principal role in the Group’s 2024 production of 'The Mikado',  you will be required to complete and submit the application form.
  • Anyone wishing to audition for a principal role must have paid at least half the group's annual subscription fee. 

Our current annual membership fees are:

Playing Member: £120

Playing Life Member: £50

Student Member: £60

  • If you were not in last year's production of 'Ruddygore', you will be required to have successfully completed a general audition in advance of the 25th September 2023.
  • General Auditions will take place as required following each Monday rehearsal.   

The Audition Panel

The audition panel will be made up of the following:

Leon Berger - Director, David Chambers - Musical Director

Committee Member and Independent Member TBC

Pianist - TBC

To ensure absolute fairness we do not allow anyone on to the audition panel who has a close tie with any person auditioning.

Additional Information 

In the event that two auditionees are of an identical standard during the audition process the following rule will apply:

1. The person who appeared on stage with the group in the previous production will take precedence over a new member

2. If both were in the previous production the decision can be referred to the Committee

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